Silicone And Casting

The sudden epidemic seemed to press the pause button for the world; in the face of the new coronavirus, countless front-line medical staff and support workers came forward, rushed to the front line, guarded the lights with their flesh and blood, and composed a song of praise for life. Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the global medical and personal protective materials, especially masks, have been in short supply. At the same time, some areas are facing the critical period of resumption of work and school opening, and the demand for masks is growing explosively


At present, the domestic epidemic situation has been basically controlled. With the spread of Europe and the United States, the new coronavirus has spread on a large scale in nearly a month. At present, the United States and Italy have become disaster stricken countries. In this form, masks have become a global necessity. With the increasing demand for disposable masks and medical N95 masks, factories across the country have begun to start on a large scale In this severe period, the role of silicone has also been put into practical use. At present, many brands of silicone masks have begun to pre sell.


Silicone And Casting

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