Silicone And Casting

Design for Waterproof silicone Cigarette Case

SOFT SOFT SOFT SILICONE MATERIAL: This cigarette case is made from one of the softest silicone material. Absolutely different from the hard Plastic and metal.Besides,no matter how you knead or squeeze it to out of shape,it still can recover quickly.

CLEAN YOUR EYES: In order to warn the smoker,the cigarette company have to print the disgust pictures on the box,and we feel uncomfortable when we want release ourselves from cigarette.Then this cigarette cover would meet all our needs.

MEET THE STANDARD SIZE:Dimension:115*60*15mm the cover fits a standard pack of 10pcs cigarettes case. But please do not put the cigarette into the cover directly because it is soft . it is the cover for the cigarette box.

IDEAL GIFT FOR YOUR FAMILY:Our family or friends around at least one of them likes smoking they need to release pressure or take a rest during the heavy job.So,this little box would be a great present for them.Control in hands and feel your concern.

AFTER-SALES: If you are not satisfied with our products or there is some problem on our product, please feel free to contact us and we will send you a new replacement or money back for you.

Silicone And Casting

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