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5 silicone material cake making molds, has smooth surface and beautiful patterns, such as lace, christmas tSilicone And Castingree and christmas bell.
In Great Britain, people follow a custom of eating Christmas cake for many years. Most british has a sweet tooth. Most of them not only eat cakes but also want to DIY cakes. And because of that, there are always a big demands of baking molds in UK. 
Every Christmas Day is a carnival for baking lovers. Everyone try their best to design a beautiful, crective and unique cake which may earn other's attention.
1. Christmas Tree Cake Baking MouldSilicone And Casting
Made by food grade silicone, this silicone mold is odorless and heat resistant. More importantly, A tree shape cake is cool. Round and square shape cake is so common that people will not feel surprise when seeing a round or square cake. A Christmas tree cake will attract more attention.
2. Silicone Christmas Bell Mold TraySilicone And Casting
We have had a tree sponge cake. However, it is not enough. A sponge cake without decoration is imperfect. How to make your Christmas cake more beautiful? A Christmas bell is suitable.
This silicone tray is soft and easy to use. It has three cartoon bells on one tray. It will be very beautiful if add this bell to Christmas Tree cake.
3. Cartoon Silicone TraySilicone And CastingA Christmas bell is not enough. As far as I am concerned, more decorating things should be added to create a festive atmosphere. This tray can make small Christmas tree, cute bear and santa claus at onece. It is very convenent and easy to use.

4. Fondant Lace MatSilicone And Casting
Adding some fondant lace is also popular. Beautiful lace will make the cake more attractive. This series lace mat has various types of lace. It will satisfy your need well.
5. Small Christmas Tree Fondant MatSilicone And Casting
The last one I want to recommend is a silicone fondant mat for making cute trees. As you can see on the picture, the small tree is very exquisite. A luxury cake with exquisite decoration will makt it easily to earn people's like.
This is all five silicone cake molds  which I want to introduce to you for making a beautiful unique Christmas cake. Making a creative cake is not a hard job if you have suitable decorating tools.

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