Silicone And Casting

Fondant cake, the sweet paste is popular among people. A good fondant cake, is not only tasty, but also with a good looking. If you are not a skillful cake maker but want to make a beautiful fondant cake, lace fondant moulds can help you a lot.
Silicone And Casting Silicone And Casting Silicone And CastingSilicone And Castingsilicone fondant matSize: 42 * 32 cmWeight: 256 gCertificate: FDA and LFGBThis silicone fondant mat, is made by 100% food grade silica gel, eco-friendly, non-toxic, safe, flexible and odorless. Besides, this mat is heat- resisting, is safe between the temperature of -40 °C to 230 °C.  And safe to be used in microwave oven, oven, dishwasher and freezer. 
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