Silicone And Casting

silicone oil is a kind of good liquid adjuvant, which plays an irreplaceable role in many aspects. It is also inseparable from silicone oil in the use of silicone rubber. There are some problems in the use of silicone rubber, many of which are related to silicone oil. Does silicone oil have advantages and disadvantages when applied to silicone rubber?

1Why is there less turnover times of silica gel? Answer: too much silicone oil was added in the mold making process, which destroyed the molecular weight of silica gel, resulting in less use times and less durability of the mold.



2Why does the mold silica gel have the phenomenon of tension difference? Answer: in order to reduce the viscosity of silica gel and make the silica gel easy to operate, a large amount of silicone oil was added in the process of mold making, which resulted in the silica gel becoming soft, not resistant to tensile, tear strength decreased, and tensile strength deteriorated.

3Why does silicone mold have oil spillage? Answer: silicone mold oil is due to the use of composite silicone oil in the production process, which contains white mineral oil.

4Why does silicone rubber mold produce acid and aChinaali resistance and aging resistance? Answer: we do not recommend adding silicone oil in the process of mold making. If it is added, it must not exceed 5%. Silicone oil will damage the molecular weight of silica gel.

5Why is the head of pad printing silicone not durable? Answer: it has a great relationship with the amount of silicone oil added in silicone rubber. The more silicone oil is added, the softer the rubber head is and the less durable it is.

Silicone oil can destroy the molecular weight of silica gel. Silicone rubber and silicone oil belong to the category of silicone resin. Their difference in structure depends on the proportion of silicon atoms and groups in the molecular structure. The ratio of group to silicon atom in silicone rubber is close to two to one, while the ratio of group to silicon atom in silicone oil is more than two to one. From the above, we can basically draw a conclusion that the higher the atomic weight of silicon is, the closer it is to solid, and the less atomic weight of silicon is, the closer it is to liquid (silicone oil will not condense). Many common problems are due to the change of the overall group and silicon atom ratio of silicone rubber by adding silicone oil, so as to reduce the hardness and use times of silica gel. Therefore, in the process of using silicone oil, we must pay attention to the problem of "quantity". There is also to choose a strong manufacturer.

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