Silicone And Casting

Summer is here and some drinks are used by young people as a way to quench their thirst. Plastic straws vs. which is better? What about silicone straws, what’s the difference compared to plastic straws?

Plastic straws
First of all, let’s start with the fact that most of the plastic straws that we use are made of plastic because plastic material is small in cost. Businesses sell drinks and beverages with straws attached to them. The plastic material cannot be recycled and is a disposable item.

Disposable plastic straws can also be very damaging to the environment, and it takes hundreds of years for plastic products to degrade naturally in the natural environment. It’s unhealthy and environmentally unfriendly. Silicone straws, on the other hand, can decompose quickly and naturally without causing any damage to the environment. It’s safer and more environmentally friendly. Therefore, we still urge everyone to use more biodegradable silicone products.


Silicone straws
Compared to plastic straws, silicone straws are much more expensive, mainly in terms of raw materials. The cost of silicone raw materials must increase their price. Therefore, silicone straws are not suitable for disposable use. If you use it in your own home, you can use silicone straws instead of plastic ones. Silicone tubing is resistant to high and low temperatures. Putting them in the refrigerator or boiling them in boiling water will not damage the silicone straws and will not produce harmful substances. Plastic straws not only age easily, but are also not resistant to high and low temperatures. Even some plastic straws can produce harmful substances at high temperatures.

 Silicone And Casting

In addition, when you buy silicone straws, you should choose the silicone products from the regular manufacturers of silicone products, both adults and children. You can use it with confidence. Our silicone products are made of food-grade, crystal-clear fumed silicone, which is safe to touch. We are able to produce high-quality silicone products in a safe, secure, and healthy environment.


Comprehensive news about silicone and casting

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