Silicone And Casting

Why Use silicone Swim Cap for Long Hair?

SWIM FASTER: Silicone swim cap for long hair is less resistance and reduction of drag through, our hydro dynamic, wrinkle-free design makes you swim faster. Suitable for male and female swimmers.

QUALITY: Silicone swim cap for long hair has greater durability than latex swimming caps, and will last for thousands of hours in the pool. It is made from 100% premium quality, silicone for maximum stretch and strength because of its tear-resistans. Silicone swim cap for long hair is also odorless and non-toxic, thus they are ideal for people with latex allergies and can create a healthy swimming environment.

PRIME FUNCTION: Silicone swim cap for long hair is primarily made to keep hair away and reduce water resistance to let you focus on what you really want – Swim. It protects your hair and ear from bacteria, chloride and other substances. Note though that these swim cap isn't fully waterproof, your hair might get wet depending on length and thickness of the hair and the head size.

CLOSER FIT: Textured interior allows for a closer, grippier fit, without causing snagging when putting-on and removing cap.

Silicone And Casting

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