Silicone And Casting

Sliders :after plasticmold open,the cam and sliders have the relative movement trend, which trend makes the slider has 2 movement directions ,
opening direction and the horizontal direction .then the undercut could be released from the mold.




Suitable for thin mold plate and upper fixed
plate screwed with the A plate with
longer march surface , better stability





Suitable for thick mold plate , the big mold space,two-plate mold and three plate mold
Matching surface L≧1.5D(D cam  diameter )
better stability





Suitable for thick mold plate , two-plate mold and three plate mold,
mating surfaces L≧1.5D(D cam diameter )
Poor stability,hard machining.





Suitable for thin plate ,clamping plate and A plate could be separated.
longer mating surfaces, better stability

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