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Who am I?Silicone And CastingWei Shun silicone Technology Co. Ltd. is a company can offer overworld clients silicone material products.If you are loking for a consumer products manufacturer as your true partner in China, we will be a good choice of you.Silicone And CastingWei Shun's factory located in Hengli Town, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China, having over ten years producing experience. We supply silicone material kitchen use products, such as spatula sets, cooking spoons, baking oven mats, baking cake mold, drain hair catcher, basket. Silicone And CastingWe also provide silicone baby supplies, for instance, kids feeding food plates, waterproof baby bibs, soft spoons, teether toys.Silicone And CastingWhat's more, if you are looking for low price but high quality promotional gifts, silicone coin purse and silicoen led nigh light maybe good products.Silicone And CastingServing domestic and foreign customers who are in need of silicone consumer products, Wei Shun aims at offering you the very best in affordability, quality, customer service, and dependable shipping.If you are loking for silicone material products, why not spend few minutes to write down your needs?

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