Silicone And Casting

Does silicone dough mat really work?Dough mat, sometimes also be called silicone pastry mat. Bakers like to do baking prepare job on this kinds of mat: knead dough, roll dough or cut small-size dough.Silicone dough mat, as its name suggests, it is a kind of mat made from silicone rubber and mainly used to roll dough.Because baking lovers need to make different sizes dough, the dough mat usually is printed with measurements. The common types measurements marks printed on dough mats are include round circle marks on center or beside and centimeter ruler marks on the edge of mat.The round shape marks usually used to measure the size of pizza dough, pie dough etc. And the centimeter ruler marks make us convenient to caculate the length and width of the rolled dough.Actually, silicone dough mat can be used for more than just kneading dough. It also a can be used to cook, decorate and even do a duty in making craft.Here the pink dough pastry mat is printed concentric circles marks on the centre of mat, lattice on whole mat and centimeter ruler marks on the edge mat.Pastry Mat With MeasurentsFolding Silicone Pastry MatIs it worth to own a silicone pastry mat?Silicone mats are flexible, non stick, waterproof and dishwasher-safe. A silicone pastry mat really won't go wrong in reduceing messy and cutting down cleanup time.

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