Singapore’s first COB high-definition display – manufactured by Ledman

Ledman COB high-definition Display supports various installation methods such as floor-standing, inlaid, and wall-mounted. Make full use of the COB high-definition display’s slim body and excellent heat dissipation. It is worth mentioning that it took less than two days from installation to lighting of this display screen. The installation was completed by the internal staff of the Singapore customer company under the guidance of professional manuals and technical teams, which shows the convenience of installation.

In September 2019, the COB high-definition display screen built by Ledman for the conference room center of a well-known company in Singapore was officially lit up and put into use, becoming the first COB high-definition display screen in the entire Singapore area with a resolution of 3200*900.

After determining the project construction requirements, after inspection and technical comparison, the Ledman solution team created a customized solution with COB high-definition display products according to the usage characteristics of the conference room.

Ledman’s COB high-definition display truly achieves a “whole screen seamless” splicing display effect. In the conference room environment, whether it is for document display or video conference, it can well ensure the overall display effect. Especially when playing a video or holding a video conference, the characters will not be separated by seams, and when presenting OFFICE series (such as Excel, PPT, etc.) documents, the seams and table separation lines will not be confused, resulting in misreading and misinterpretation of the document content. misjudgment.

In a large conference room or a conference room with bright ambient light, the content display effect of Ledman’s COB high-definition display is minimally disturbed and affected by ambient light. At the same time, the brightness can be adjusted according to the changes in the surrounding environment, making the participants more comfortable and solving the pain points of projection fusion and DLP splicing display. In addition, the 170° wide viewing angle can better meet the viewing needs of large-area conference rooms and ladder-type conference rooms. It has been more than a month since the screen was lit on September 15, and its operation is stable. It has served many major events and meetings of customers for many times. The smooth system and brilliant display effect have won high praise from customers. Ledman’s COB high-definition display entered Singapore for the first time, creating a benchmark for conference display with its stability, reliability, durability and ease of maintenance.

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