Southwest Aluminum signed a tripartite strategic cooperation framework agreement with Zhongke Jiuwei and Northern Huachuang

On August 20, Southwest Aluminum signed a tripartite strategic cooperation framework agreement with Zhongke Jiuwei and Northern Huachuang in Nanchong. This indicates that the three parties will strengthen strategic cooperation and accelerate the development and application of semiconductor aluminum alloy materials.

Vice President of High-end Manufacturing of Chinalco, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Director of Southwest Aluminum Li Yong, Chief Engineer of China Aluminum Group and Deputy Chief Engineer of Southwest Aluminum Lin Lin, relevant person in charge of Southwest Aluminum sales company, related production plants, and technical center; Jiutian Vacuum Technology Group Chairman Chen Lin, Vice President Yu Ke, General Manager Li Weimin of Sichuan Linglinghao Technology Co., Ltd., Li Shikun, Assistant Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zhongke Jiuwei and Director of Group Supply Chain, and heads of related units of Zhongke Jiuwei attended the signing ceremony. Hu Qian, general manager of the Supply Chain Planning Center of Northern Huachuang Microelectronics Equipment Co., Ltd. participated in the conference via video. Pu Pengcheng, Secretary of the Shunqing District Committee of Nanchong City, met with Li Yong and his party before the meeting.

During the period, Li Yong visited in detail the entity companies such as Jiutian Vacuum, Linglinghao, Zhongke Jiuwei, and learned more about the production lines, products and aluminum usage of these companies, and conducted extensive exchanges with relevant persons in charge. Discussions were launched on the technical requirements and import substitution of high-end aluminum materials for semiconductors. Through conversations, the companies of both sides reached a deep consensus: key technologies are not available, can not be bought, and cannot be negotiated. We must rely on the unity of our material companies, equipment manufacturing and semiconductor manufacturing companies to solve the problem of “stuck necks” in key areas of our country. The problem.

Li Yong said that Southwest Aluminum is my country’s largest comprehensive aluminum processing enterprise, leading domestic research and development capabilities, and has made great contributions to serving the national strategy. Southwest Aluminum has the ability and strength to solve my country’s key aluminum alloy material localization problems. Southwest Aluminum has accumulated many successful experiences and exported aluminum alloy materials for semiconductors to South Korea 10 years ago. Li Yong hoped that the three parties, under the guidance of the strategic cooperation framework agreement, would set up a joint research team as soon as possible, so as to facilitate all-round connection and speed up the advancement of various tasks. Southwest Aluminum will increase investment in equipment and scientific research, set up a research and development team, adjust product structure, and jointly overcome material technology difficulties with Zhongke Jiuwei and North China Huachuang, realize the industrialization of semiconductor aluminum alloy materials as soon as possible, and make every effort to ensure the safety of my country’s semiconductor supply chain.

Chen Lin welcomed the arrival of the Southwest Aluminum team and thanked Southwest Aluminum for attaching great importance to the research and development of semiconductor aluminum alloy materials. He said that the “14th Five-Year Plan” will be a period of rapid development of my country’s semiconductor industry, and we must combine strong forces to change the current backwardness of my country’s semiconductor manufacturing industry. In the R&D stage, everyone will definitely face the difficult period of “high input and low output”, but as long as we unite sincerely and move forward courageously, we will surely win the final victory. Chen Lin hopes that with the support and help of the local government, the three parties will fully seize the opportunity of the central government to establish the Chengdu-Chongqing Double City Economic Circle, work hard, and move forward courageously to make positive contributions to the development of my country’s semiconductor industry.

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