Stainless steel tubes are superior in aesthetics

Stainless steel tubes are superior in aesthetics

Abstract: Construction field is a shine place of stainless steel tube. Especially in a variety of modern architecture, it has become the favorite of many architects because of excellent corrosion resistance of its smooth surface. And following the progress of the technology, stainless steel tube is not just a simple bright surface, but also can show a different surface characteristics.
From the color, stainless steel tubes have been able to give a different color on the surface, and can achieve a very good viewing. Because the surface of the stainless steel tube is very good, it also provides great convenience for coloring, the surface is easy to make all kinds of color and pattern, and the time is very long.

          Sometimes the surface of the light can be more elegant temperament, our common stainless steel tubes are the surface of the high light, showing a bright color. And now we can produce matte surface of stainless steel tube through a special process, which made people have better hand feeling and perception and made the designers have more space to play. In their hands, these different characteristics of the stainless steel tube is like different pigments of different material can be used in different places, but also can be freely combined, create distinctive artwork, to build greater expressive power, and did not reduce the use of the process of experience.

        Since more than 60 years, permanent building architects have been selected to build cost-effective stainless steel. Many of the existing buildings fully illustrate the correctness of this choice. Some are very ornamental, such as the Chrysler building in New York city. But in many other applications, the role of the stainless steel is not so dramatic, but it plays an important role in the aesthetics and performance of the building. For example, because of stainless steel than other metal materials with the same thickness more wear resistance and pressure marks, so in the large population flow of the place when the construction of sidewalks, it is the design of the preferred material.

        Stainless steel has been used for more than 70 years as a new building and structural material for the restoration of historical sites. Early design is calculated in accordance with the basic principles of. Today, the design specifications, for example, standard ANSI/ASCE-8-90 American Society of civil engineers "cold forming steel structures design specification" and nidi and the euro inox jointly published the "structural stainless steel design manual" has simplified the use of long life, the construction of the complete structural parts used in the design.

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