Steel Investment Casting

Basic Info
  • Industrial Application: Construction Machinery

  • Trademark: LX

  • Origin: Ningbo, China

  • Surface Treatment: Sand Blasting

  • Materia: Steel

  • Specification: GB, ASTM, DIN, Bs, En, JIS, etc.

Product Description
Name:Investment steel casting/precision casting/ casting

1. Materials: Carbon Steels, Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, WCC, WCB, LCC, Color Metal etc.
2. Items: FOB Ningbo or Shanghai
3. Lead time: 30 days
4. Software for specification drawings: PDF, Auto CAD, Solid work, PROE;
5. Main production equipments: Wax Injection, CNC-machine, Heat treatment Furnace;
6. Surface Finishing: Polishing, Anodizing, Hard Anodizing, Galvanized, ENP, Chrome Plating, Powder 7. Coating and Painting;
8. Certification system: ISO 9001: 2008, strict material inspection and exact dimension control, 100% quality control;
9. OEM order is welcome;
10. The parts can be made completely based on your specifications such as drawing, design, sample etc.
11. Export Markets: Australia Investment Casting / Precision Casting, America, United States. U. S. A. Investment Casting / Precision Casting, Canada Investment Casting / Precision Casting; U. K. England, Britain Investment Casting / Precision Casting, Germany Investment Casting / Precision Casting, France Investment Casting / Precision Casting, Espana, Spain Investment Casting / Precision Casting, South Africa Investment Casting / Precision Casting; Sweden Investment Casting / Precision Casting; Finland Investment Casting / Precision Casting; Belgium Investment Casting / Precision Casting; Romania Investment Casting / Precision Casting; Russia Investment Casting / Precision Casting; Brazil Investment Casting / Precision Casting; Argentina Investment Casting / Precision Casting.


SAND  CASTING  Green  Sand Grey  Iron,   Ductile  Iron,   Malleable  Iron,   Stanless  Steel,   Carbon,   Steel,   Aluminium, Brass, Bronze  
Furan  Resin  Sand  
Cold  Harden  Resin  Sand  
INVESTMENT  CASTING  Sodium  Silicone  (Water  galss) Stainless  Steel,   Carbon  Steel,   Special  Alloy  Steel  Bronze, Brass,   Aluminum  
Silica  Sol  
FORGING Hammer  Forging Stainless  Steel,   Carbon  Steel,   Alloy  Streel,   Brass,     Aluminum  
Die  Forging  
Roll  Forging  


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