STMicroelectronics and Politecnico di Milano jointly build an advanced sensor R&D center

China, June 22, 2021 – STMicroelectronics (ST; NYSE: STM), the world leader in semiconductors serving multiple Electronic applications, and Politecnico di Milano, which trains engineers, architects and industrial designers , announced the signing of a five-year technical cooperation agreement and invited Italian Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti to attend the signing ceremony. At the heart of the agreement is the establishment of a joint research and development center for advanced sensor materials (STEAM), based on the long-term partnership between STMicroelectronics and the Politecnico di Milano, to provide Italian professors, researchers and PhDs with valuable scientific research opportunities, namely conception, design and development MEMS technology and all the resources needed to develop new MEMS products.

The cooperation agreement will increase the attractiveness of Politecnico di Milano to talented scholars, offering professors and researchers a number of PhD scholarships and positions in four areas of mutual interest and related materials. The expansion of the existing collaboration will allow further development of the Lombardy Center of Excellence for Cutting-Edge Sensors.

STMicroelectronics is the global market leader in MEMS and advanced sensors, with more than 15 billion MEMS products sold to date, and the Lombardy region near Milan is the center of the company’s MEMS global R&D activities. According to the agreement, the cooperation teams of the two parties will study and understand the future market needs in the fields of advanced MEMS, motion control, power electronics and galvanic isolation, develop related technologies, and cultivate R&D talents, which will help promote ST’s development in advanced sensors, MEMS and galvanic isolation. R & D planning of analog devices.

The agreement also includes the upgrading of the infrastructure of the Politecnico di Milano. In addition to the renovation of the current PoliFab clean room 150 mm wafer production line, an advanced 200 mm pilot production line will be built, dedicated to the development of new MEMS technologies, support for scientific research projects, training and defense of the thesis.

Ferruccio Resta, Rector of the Politecnico di Milano, emphasized: “The joint R&D center of Politecnico di Milano and STMicroelectronics is the result of an important cooperation between the two parties in key areas such as sensors and artificial intelligence. This investment is also aimed at promoting innovation in manufacturing and driving the Italian economy Development. This laboratory open to businesses is part of a major project to create a real technological innovation zone in Parco dei Gasometri in the Bovisa area near Milan, where a real world-class ecosystem will be built, able to compete with similar foreign technologies Innovation District. This center of excellence embodies the exchange and cooperation between government departments and private enterprises, universities and enterprises. The development strategy of Politecnico di Milano pays more and more attention to advanced technology research and the improvement of regional competitiveness. This cooperation is a part of Politecnico di Milano A strategic activity.”

Jean Marc Chéry, President and CEO of STMicroelectronics, said: “This cooperation agreement between STMicroelectronics and Politecnico di Milano will play an important role in our MEMS and sensor research and development activities. It is a very good example of industry-university cooperation. , which proves the significance of ST’s establishment of a cooperative research framework with universities and research institutions around the world: that is, to support the development of advanced technologies and engineering ecosystems in ST’s fields, cultivate talents, and jointly build the future. In advanced MEMS, motion control, power electronics and In areas such as galvanic isolation, to study and understand future business needs, develop related technologies, cultivate talents, and improve skills, we see significant value and development opportunities in the process of expanding cooperation.”

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