Supply injection mold from China

Sino Mould is the high quality Chinese injection mold maker , is famous plastic injection mold designer China. If you want to buy injection mould in China, welcome to contact Sino Mould.
During these years, Sino is getting more and more strong, and get higher reputation in plastic injection mould makingindustry. We have specialized design team for product design and injection mould design, Here, SinoMould give you some information for cooling system design of the plastic injection mould.
Plastic injection mould cooling system design principle :
1. Plastic injection mould– the cooling water hole is more ,is better. And its pore diameter is big as far as possible;
2.Plastic injection mould– The distance between cooling water holes and cavity surface is equal;
3. Plastic injection mould– strengthen cooling in gate place;
4. Plastic injection mould- Reduce the temperature difference between the import and export water;
5. Plastic injection mould-Cooling water holes avoid melt juncture;
6. Plastic injection mould-Easy to clean and process
7. Plastic injection mould-The sealing is reliable.
Sino Mould is professional plastic injection mould manufacturer in China, if you want to make a plastic injection mould in China, welcome to contact us.

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