Survival and completion of auto parts in 1968


According to the statistics of the State Machinery Commission, the production of auto parts in 1986 was 4.79 billion yuan, a decrease of 9.6 billion from the 5.3 billion yuan in 1985. In addition to other industries across the country, the country’s 1986 The total output value of steam lift accessories is about 5.8 billion yuan, compared with 1985. 400 million yuan, a decrease of The completion of automobile production in 1986: A total of 355,600 automobiles were produced in 1986, a decrease of 17.7.3 from the 430000 in 1985. Commercial engines Completion status: In 1986, commercial engines completed a total of 235,400 horsepower and 298,000 units, which is a reduction of 16 horsepower and 18.2. 4.

Sales: In 1986, the national auto parts company system auto parts net sales totaled 2.4 billion yuan, which was a decrease of 9.1 billion from the 2.64 billion yuan in 1985; in 1986, the national automobile, civil aircraft, and military supporting facilities The share of auto parts was 2.98 billion yuan, a decrease of 17.7 from the 2.55 billion yuan in 1985. According to the statistics of the Agricultural Mechanization Service Corporation, in 1986, the national agricultural machinery system produced 40,000 agricultural vehicles, which was approximately used. 200 million yuan for auto parts; about 1.4 billion yuan for social network sales and auto parts sold by factories. The national auto parts company’s auto repair parts market share is about 60.1 986 auto parts industry.

Both production and sales have shown a downward trend, and the average decline rate is about 10 in the country. The economic indicators of the national parts company system are worse than in 1985. The total profit decreased from 23,359 million yuan to 15.25 million yuan, a decrease of 34.7, and the average balance of fixed liquidity funds decreased from 1.148 billion yuan. Increased to 1.342 billion yuan; expense ratio rose from 5.1 to 6.0; capital turnover days rose from 105 days to 133 days. The above figures show that the auto parts market has fluctuated in 1986.

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