The annual mid-year meeting

The annual mid-year meeting

 Half a year has passed, last week, China held the annual mid-year meeting. China has been established for thirteen years and has experienced many ups and downs. At the meeting, Brave Hua described the development and changes of the company in recent years, and focused on the strategic development direction in the future. Everyone is confident about the future prospects of stainless steel industry. Each sales department and logistics department has made a summary of their work in the first half of the year and a plan for the second half of the year, pointing out their own gains and losses. In terms of work efficiency and methods, we have also proposed better and more sophisticated methods.



In the first half of the year, there were also some outstanding employees who were commended at the meeting.



In the evening, we had a party together. The theme of the meeting was the republic of China, which re-created the atmosphere during the period of the republic of China and many young people who bravely, patriotic and saved the country.

Everyone dressed in their own elaborate costumes, which perfectly fit the theme of the republic of China. You will see some beautiful young female students, wisdom underground party, and lovely rickshaw master and so on.



Everyone enjoyed the party, walking the red carpet and have a show. The party is full of moved, laughter, delicious food… and so on. Through this gathering, let’s deepen our understanding of each other and promote the feelings by this party. It shows a team of solidarity, love, and positive.



We cheer up Mr.He’s promotion, and everyone took a blessing by video.Through his efforts and get a progress, everyone are proud of him. We congratulation the promotion of our colleagues, we are excited of the progress of Mtsco. By your example others will follow, and you will help them uplift!

Finally, we want express that same as the theme of the party, with our strength of youth, let Mtsco’s future better and better! Come on, China!


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