The Application Advantage Of Carbon Fiber In Sports Entertainment Equipment.

The application advantages of carbon fiber in sports and entertainment equipment are as follows1. Strong flexibility and design abilityCarbon fiber poles can be designed according to the mechanical parts of the different materials laid, can guarantee force to achieve the best effect, the carbon fiber poles flexible and strong, can be athletes run-up part of kinetic energy is converted into a rod of poles carbon fiber performance, when the poles is bent to the utmost, elastic performance release, into the potential energy of athletes, to help athletes vacated by leaping, leap bar.2. Light weight and high strengthThe golf club is composed of grip, body and head. The golf club made of carbon fiber composite material can lose up to 40% weight, which can help the ball gain greater acceleration.At present, most of the tennis racquets on the market are made of carbon fiber composite materials. Carbon fiber tennis racquets are light in weight, high in specific strength and modulus, and can withstand stronger cable tension than the wooden frame to ensure that the racquet will not be deformed when hitting the ball.3. Corrosion resistance, not affected by temperature and humidityIn the past, most Musical Instruments are made of wood, which is easy to wear out with the passing of time.Carbon fiber belongs to non-metallic inert material, which is not corroded by acid, alkali, salt, temperature and humidity.For example, violin and Guzheng, both plucked instruments, will have different timbre due to different temperature and humidity, while carbon fiber composite material will not be affected by temperature and humidity, and long-term use will not cause corrosion damage of Musical Instruments.The use of carbon fiber composites in speakers will also improve sound and sound quality.

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