The characteristics and application scope of CNC machine tool processing

1. Processing characteristics of cnc machine tools:
1. High processing accuracy: pulse equivalent can generally reach 0.001 mm, positioning accuracy can generally reach 0, turning center is .03 mm, and repeat positioning accuracy is 0.01 mm.
2. Strong adaptability to processing objects: when changing processing parts, you only need to reprogram (replace) the program and input new programs to realize the processing of new parts.
3. High degree of automation and low labor intensity: the processing of parts is automatically completed according to pre-programmed procedures, and the operator does not need to perform complicated and repetitive manual operations.
4. High production efficiency: One machine tool can realize continuous processing of multiple procedures, and the installation and adjustment time of parts is short.
5. Good economic benefits: In the case of single-piece and small-batch production, it saves production costs, reduces the scrap rate, and has multiple uses in one machine, which improves the competitiveness of the enterprise.
6. Conducive to modern management: using digital information and standard code input, suitable for digital computers to connect to the Internet, and become the basis of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS, Flexible Manufacturing System) and computer integrated manufacturing systems (CIMS, Computer Integated Manufacturing System).
Second, the use characteristics of cnc machine tools:
1. Requirements for operation and maintenance personnel of CNC machine tools:
Operators: In addition to having certain technological knowledge and operating experience of ordinary machine tools, special technical theory training and operation training should also be carried out on the structural characteristics, working principles and programming of CNC machine tools.
Maintenance personnel: They should have high theoretical knowledge and maintenance techniques. The mechanics should understand some electrical maintenance knowledge of CNC machine tools, and the electrical repair personnel should understand the structure and programming of CNC machine tools. Maintenance personnel should have a wide range of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic expertise. At present, the major CNC machine tool manufacturers have established CNC machine tool training service centers, and various colleges and universities have also established CNC training centers or bases.
2. The requirements of CNC machine tools for fixtures and tools:
General-purpose fixtures are generally used for single-piece production, and special fixtures should be used for mass production. Tool features: high accuracy, durability and geometric stability, can achieve external pre-adjustment, quick tool change, with standard shank series, better control of cutting breakage, crimping and removal, good cooling performance.
3. Application range of CNC machine tools:
1. Multi-variety, small-batch production parts.
2. Parts with complicated shapes and structures.
3. Parts that need frequent modification.
4. Key parts that are expensive and are not allowed to be scrapped.
5. Urgently needed parts that require the least cycle.
6. Parts with large batches and high precision requirements.

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