The difference between square rail and circular rail of cnc router Upload to:08-27 2021

  Generally, the circular guide rail of the cnc router is a cylindrical linear guide rail, and the places that need to be supported are limited, so the rigidity is poor. The bearing capacity is high and the accuracy is average. Because of the relatively low cost, short production cycle, and easy installation of round guide rails, it has become a substitute for square linear guide rails in many occasions.

  Below China will show you the difference between square rail and round rail

  The square rail split linear guide rail and the square hard rail are superior to the hard rail in terms of accuracy and speed, but the hard rail has an advantage in terms of rigidity. It depends on which machine tool you use. For the structural purposes of the machine tool equipment, the guide rail styles used are also different.

  Product features: high positioning accuracy. Good reproducibility: The rolling motion of the linear guide has a very small coefficient of friction, especially the difference between static friction and dynamic friction is very small. There will be no idling slip even in micro-feeding, and the analytical ability and reproducibility are the best. It is good, so it can realize the positioning accuracy of μm level. Low friction resistance, can maintain accuracy for a long time, the rolling friction of linear guide can be reduced to 1/20~1/40 of the friction resistance of sliding guide, especially the lubrication structure is simple, the lubrication is easy, the lubrication effect is excellent, and the friction contact surface is worn. At the bottom, it can maintain walking accuracy for a long time. The best design of the geometric mechanical structure that can withstand high load capacity in four directions can simultaneously bear radial, reverse radial and transverse loads, and maintain walking accuracy. At the same time, it can be easily applied by preloading and the number of sliders. It can improve the performance and load capacity. Suitable for high-speed applications, low frictional resistance, low drive horsepower requirements for equipment, high energy saving effect, especially low sports wear, low temperature rise effect, and can simultaneously achieve the requirements of machine miniaturization and high speed.

  The price of square rail cnc router is of course higher than that of circular rail cnc router. It mainly depends on your own economic ability and the industry you are doing. If the circular rail cnc router can do the job, it is unnecessary to spend more money to buy rail cnc router. Don't think that the machine will not be suitable for expanding the scale in the future. In fact, if you have a larger scale, you will definitely buy more and better cnc routers. Now the cnc router industry is also updated quickly, and the best for you is the best.

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