The Dongguan CNC machining manufacturer teaches you How to do the precision CNC machining

Cruelly made things, I believe you will not want, even if it is reluctant, you may not be satisfied. If you want consumers to be satisfied, you need to make things delicate, and then you will be recognized by consumers. I do not need to talk about it in detail. The Dongguan precision cnc machining manufacturers, To get consumer appreciation from it, first of all, your precision CNC machining is sufficiently "better", what should Dongguan precision CNC machining manufacturers do? Please come with me, I will tell you the specific method and implementation.
   1. Separation of rough and fine parts: In order to ensure the accuracy of CNC machining of mechanical parts, the rough and fine parts of mechanical parts are best separated. Because when rough mechanical parts are processed, the cutting amount is large, and the cutting force, clamping force, heat, and mechanical parts of the workpiece have obvious work hardening.The workpiece has a large internal stress. If the workpiece is rough, the rough mechanical parts are completed. After continuous, part accuracy will soon be lost due to stress redistribution. For the CNC machining of mechanical parts of some high-precision parts. Before roughing and finishing, the low temperature annealing process should also be arranged or aging to eliminate internal stress.
   2. Equipment selection should be reasonable: rough machining parts are mainly cut off most machining allowances, and high-precision machinery parts are not required. Therefore, rough machining should have greater power and high-precision machine tools. High precision machine. Rough and finishing on different machines can give full play to the capabilities of the equipment and can extend its service life to precision cnc machine tools.
   3. Whether heat treatment is required: In mechanical parts processing technology, heat treatment processes are often arranged. The heat treatment process of the position is arranged as follows: Metals that improve their cutting performance, such as annealing, normalizing, tempering, etc., are usually arranged for machining of mechanical parts. Eliminate internal stresses, such as aging treatments, and adjust treatments, such as general layout drawings, before roughing and finishing. In order to improve mechanical properties of components, such as carburizing, quenching and tempering, generally arranged in the machining of mechanical parts. If the heat treatment has a large deformation, the final processing should also be arranged.
The above are the key knowledge about precision machining. I believe that the major Dongguan precision machining manufacturers can learn a lot from it, and they must learn a lot!News source:   ,Welcome new and old customers to consult ! thank you,
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