The environmental impact on the sensor mainly has the following aspects。

The high temperature environment causes problems such as melting of the coating material, opening of the solder joints, and structural changes in the internal stress of the elastomer to the sensor. For sensors working in high temperature environments, high temperature resistant sensors are often used; in addition, heat insulation, water cooling or air cooling must be installed.Dust and moisture can cause short circuit effects on the sensor. Under these environmental conditions, a sensor with high airtightness should be selected. Different sensors have different sealing methods, and their airtightness is very different.Common seals include sealant filling or coating; rubber gasket mechanical fastening seal; welding (argon arc welding, plasma beam welding) and vacuum nitrogen filling seal.From the perspective of sealing effect, welding and sealing is the best, and filling and coating sealant is the worst. For sensors that work in a clean and dry environment, you can choose a glue-sealed sensor. For some sensors that work in a humid and dusty environment, you should choose a diaphragm hot sleeve seal or a diaphragm welded seal or pump. Vacuum nitrogen-filled sensor.In a highly corrosive environment, such as damp or acidic damage to the elastic body or short circuit of the sensor, the outer surface should be sprayed or stainless steel cover, which has good corrosion resistance and good airtightness.The influence of electromagnetic field on sensor output disturbance signal. In this case, the shielding of the sensor should be strictly checked to see if it has good electromagnetic resistance.Flammable and explosive not only cause thorough damage to the sensor, but also pose a great threat to other equipment and personal safety. Therefore, sensors that work in flammable and explosive environments have higher requirements for explosion-proof performance: explosion-proof sensors must be selected in flammable and explosive environments. The sealed housing of such sensors must not only consider its airtightness, but also Consider the explosion-proof strength, as well as the waterproof, moisture-proof, and explosion-proof properties of the cable leads.
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