The European Aluminum Association urges the EU to impose import tariffs on Chinese aluminum from October

The European Aluminum Association recently stated that European officials intend to change a decision to change the original plan to impose import tariffs on aluminum rolled products imported from China from October, and will suspend the implementation of this Import taxes and postpone the implementation of taxation measures until nine months later.

The EU survey on China’s aluminum rolled steel imports shows that from August 2020, China has artificially dumped aluminum products into the European mainland market. Therefore, the European Commission decided in April this year that the temporary tariffs on Chinese imports will be between 19.3% and 46.7%, depending on the category of aluminum products, and plans to determine these temporary tariffs as final tariffs in October this year.

The European Aluminum Association stated that under normal circumstances, such tariffs will be implemented from October for a period of five years. However, complaints from three parties, including two importers, caused the European Commission to suspend these tariffs until nine months later.

In response to this move, European Aluminum Association Secretary-General Gerd Goetz pointed out that this will cause mixed results and disrupt market order.

“So willingly to open the flood gates against high-carbon, dumped Chinese products, how can the European aluminum industry believe in the urgently needed trade coercive measures?”

Due to the EU investigation Not yet complete, the EU will announce final measures in mid-October. The EU acknowledged that it had received a request to suspend punitive measures, but said it has not yet decided whether it will abolish this tax.

The European Aluminum Association urges the European Commission not to abandon this tariff. “Euroaluminium is determined to take all avenues to challenge the suspension of this tariff because it is totally unfounded and contradicts the European Commission’s trade and climate ambitions. We ask the European Commission not to suspend the final implementation of the tariff in October 2021. Measures, and provide support for in-depth and balanced investigations for urgently needed solutions.”

The request for tariff cancellation refers to the tremendous changes that have taken place in the aluminum market since 2020, but such requests are rare Approved, the most recent such request was approved 11 years ago.

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