The international marketing analysis of injection molding machine

The total value of export of injection molding machine in 2006 is USD5.46 billion, among which German who has taken up over 20% of the total value is the top in scale, and so enjoys much advantage in exporting, and the second and third were Italy and Japan. The US has suffered a fall, and the portion it takes has fallen from 9.8% in 2000 to 503% in 2006. the Japanese electric injection machine has taken much important place all over the world. The market in north America has been taken by 30% around. Until now, injection molding machines in developed countries are focusing on high-tech machines like precision injection machine, large injection machine, etc… And, after so many years’ development and innovation in technology, china has made no difference with developed countries in the manufacturing of low-tech machines. However, because of the cheap labor force, china’s export of low-tech machine has taken up half the portion.

At present, leaded by German, the developed countries are devoting much effort in technology to capture the market, and the profit is considerable. However, developing countries represented by China are competitive in price for the low technology, and the profit is low.

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