The material of car tires


Star-shaped coupled lithium-butadiene rubber is an ideal raw material for bead rubber. Ordinary lithium butyl rubber has no stickiness and is difficult to mix, but it is unique in processing and can quickly mix a large amount of carbon black without natural rubber. Bead rubber such as splinter cloth rubber must be hard and have very high wear resistance, and must be able to be processed. BunaCB65 (butadiene rubber) has the best balance of performance and is widely used. Using BR as bead rubber can improve wear resistance, reduce heat generation and improve resilience. The synthesis technology of polymers for low-fuel tires developed due to the shortage of oil has brought great changes to tire compounds. According to reports, reducing the rolling resistance of tires by 10 can reduce fuel consumption by 1 to 2, and the energy consumption caused by the rolling resistance of tires accounts for about 15. One of the methods. The rolling resistance of tires is mostly caused by rubber hysteresis loss.

Car tires *The synthetic rubber commonly used is styrene butadiene rubber. The microstructure of styrene-butadiene rubber depends on the ratio of the styrene binding capacity and the cis and trans vinyl groups of the polybutadiene component and the arrangement of the molecular structure. The commonly used emulsion polymerization styrene butadiene rubber has superior wet road slip resistance, but its rolling resistance is large. In addition, although the rolling resistance of butadiene rubber is small, its wet road anti-slip performance is poor. Compared with emulsion polymerization of styrene-butadiene rubber, the solution-polymerized styrene-butadiene rubber prepared by the solution polymerization method with easy microstructure control Polymerized styrene butadiene rubber) can not only maintain the anti-slip performance of wet road surface but also reduce rolling resistance.

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