The processing weapon of the furniture industry: fiber laser cutting machine

In daily life, metal furniture is becoming more and more common. Whether in the home or public space, metal furniture is beautiful, light and easy to clean. It has gradually replaced traditional wooden furniture and has become the new favorite of the family. Since the metal furniture production process involves the cutting of metal planes and metal columns, fiber laser cutting machines are often used.
This set of furniture is made in Italy, including stacking chairs, high chairs, benches, square tables, round tables, etc., with simple appearance lines, strong practicability and artistry.
The table and chair are made of steel tube frame, laser-cut aluminum pedestal and backrest, and the table top is made of hot-dip galvanized steel. The metal material, the overall structure is light and handy, the chair can be conveniently placed on the table, which is easy to organize and clean, and is more practical.
A full set of metal furniture is available in white, red, black, and gray. Each color presents a completely different texture. Although it is an outdoor product, it is also very suitable for indoor, private and public use.
The design of such a set of metal furniture perfectly shows the difference between metal furniture and traditional furniture. Its light structure gets rid of the heaviness of wooden furniture. The solid texture can withstand outdoor wind and rain, and the simple shape is more It can reflect the modern beauty, and the application of fiber laser cutting machine in the production process adds to the sense of science and technology.
In fact, the processing and manufacturing of many metal products in modern homes rely on fiber laser cutting machines. This is because metal furniture has higher requirements for processing quality, especially cross-sectional quality. Sibowei Laser has many years of experience in the development and production of laser cutting machines. The equipment power range of fiber laser cutting machines is 500W-6000W, which provides diversified choices for the metal processing field. The quality of the equipment is excellent and the processing quality is high.
In order to achieve the ideal processing effect, it is usually necessary to use a higher secondary processing accuracy, and the fiber laser cutting machine rarely uses secondary processing, which effectively improves the processing efficiency.
In addition, the fiber laser cutting machine can process the required shape according to customer requirements. It has high flexibility and can help the metal processing industry achieve flexible and efficient production. This is also a popular one in the field of creative design. the reason.

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