The reason for the deviation of the accuracy of the tilting punch

Punch factory introduction: Tilting punches have always been favored by users due to their high strength, low failure rate, and higher service life than similar products.

Then in the long-term use, there may be slight deviations in accuracy, so what is the specific reason:

  • 1. Slider and guide rail accuracy. The sliding block is the direct work part of the punching machine, and it is generally manufactured by integral casting of cast steel, or by milling of forged steel. The accuracy of the slide block and the guide rail is a whole. The open punch is generally composed of two guide rails. The guide rails are V-shaped and rectangular. V-shaped guide rails are also called four-sided guide rails. The guide rails have four contact surfaces. Rectangular rails are also called six-sided rails, and the rails have six contact surfaces. All guide rail planes should be precisely ground with a guide rail grinder, and a lever instrument should be used for measurement during the assembly process, and be scraped to ensure the accuracy of the tilting punch.
  • 2. The bottom surface of the slider and the accuracy of the worktable. The upper mold is installed on the bottom surface of the slide block, and the lower mold and other feeding and unloading equipment are installed on the worktable. The two workbenches are made of cast steel or forged steel plates. After the casting is completed, the milling machine is used for milling processing, and then the surface grinder is used for grinding to ensure the accuracy of the tilting punch. When assembling, it is necessary to use an instrument to measure, and if the error is found, it can be adjusted in time by scraping and grinding.

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