The source of punch noise and noise reduction measures

The source of punch noise and noise reduction measures

Various faults will inevitably occur during the use of the press. One of the more common faults is noise. Excessive noise will cause certain pollution to the surrounding environment. Therefore, when the equipment is noisy, we should analyze it in detail. The main source of noise, and take corresponding measures to reduce noise.

Source of noise:

Motor noise. Electromagnetic noise, mechanical noise and aerodynamic noise are generated when the motor is working. The size of the noise has a great relationship with the power and speed of the motor. The stamping noise and vibration caused by the stamping machine when it is running.

Due to the large number of internal equipment in the press shop, noise accumulation and mutual influence, noise will have a more serious impact on the surroundings.

Noise reduction measures:

  • 1. Sound insulation cover: first reduce the noise of the equipment itself, use a sound insulation cover, which is made of a variety of sound insulation materials, and change the material to achieve different noise reduction requirements. Since the soundproof cover is sealed, it is necessary to reserve material inlet and outlet and heat dissipation channels. In order to ensure the sound insulation effect, it is necessary to install sound-absorbing materials such as mufflers at the channel openings.
  • 2. Sound insulation room: The punch sound insulation room is made of composite materials, because this composite material is processed from multiple layers of materials and has multiple noise reduction effects. Outer layer: sound insulation layer, generally used sound-proof steel plate, inner layer: sound-absorbing layer, steel muffler is used, middle layer: the middle layer is divided into two layers, one is the shock absorption layer, and the other is the sound absorption layer. Each layer has its own unique sound insulation and noise reduction effect, and each layer is assembled according to different kinds of materials.

If the noise emitted by the press during use is too loud, it will seriously affect the health of the operators. Therefore, when we use the equipment, we can reduce the noise in accordance with the above measures.

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