The structural features of disc components

The disc components are typical in precision machining process.The main kinds of disc components include:kinds of bearing that support the drive shaft,the disc guide on the clamp,clinder jacket,the flange plate,and engine cover,etc. The structure and dimensions are different for different use.But they have features in common:the components are not complex,have high requirement of the concentricity for inside and outside rotation surface.They are always thin-wall and easy to deform.The length of disc components is always small and the diameter is big. The main process for disc components machining is the rough machining and precision machining for inside holes and outside surface.The machining method always used are drilling,chambering,reaming,boring,broaching,and grinding hole,etc.Drilling,chambering and boring is always the rought machining,reaming,grinding,broaching are always precision machining.The principle for hole machining:1.       for small diameter holes,always use drilling,chambering and reaming method.2.       For large diameter holes,always use drilling first and then boring,and at last precision machining it.3.       For hardened steel or high requirement of precision’s disc components,always should consider grinding for the holes. Lemo is your reliable supplier for precision components machining in china.If you have need of disc components or other precision components,please send email to us [email protected] You can also visit our website for more information.
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