The Tour on East China Sea

The Tour on East China Sea

 Last Sunday, China team organized a domestic tour to celebrate the efforts and achievements of all staff. We went to Chinese Fishing Village in Ningbo.



First day, we got on a fishing boat and went out to sea for fishing. The sea breeze slowly, looking at the vast sea, all the hard work and troubles are forgotten. After a three-hour trip, we closed the net. A large net of fish and shrimp was harvested. All kinds of fish, shrimp and crab are alive and kicking.



For lunch, we enjoyed fresh seafood.

The feeling of catching fish and shrimp by hand at sea is worth experiencing.


June is the ripening season of Bayberry, so we went to pick bayberry. The hills are full of red fruits. We eat and pick them, and everyone reaped full harvest.



Two days of leisure time passed quickly. After busy work, relaxing at the seaside, everyone’s mood was satisfied. This year is still a challenging year for our team. We believe that we will break through the obstacles like riding the wind and waves on the sea.


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