Titanium bar in the chemical industry, medical applications

Industrial titanium bars

The excellent performance of industrial titanium bar titanium equipment makes it widely used in the scale of chemical materials. For example, when ozone disinfection is applied in drinking water treatment, the characteristics of titanium rod filter element are also used. The oxidation resistance of titanium rod filter element makes its application characteristics of ozone gas explosion and water filtration after ozone disinfection. Titanium rod filter element with high specific strength will not fall off. It has been widely used in reverse osmosis filtration, electroosmosis filtration and ultrafiltration system filtration in water treatment. The titanium rod filter element can replace the mechanical filter, which realizes small size, low cost, good performance, convenient installation and regeneration.

Medical titanium bars

With the implementation of pharmaceutical GMP, titanium plate titanium equipment in the pharmaceutical infusion, small injection, pharmaceutical intermediates in the filtering has been widely used, now 80% of the injection, infusion manufacturers have been applied. In addition, because titanium material is non-toxic and has good compatibility with human body, titanium plate, titanium rod, titanium wire and other titanium materials have been used in medical surgery as human body implants in various hospitals.

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