Understand the daily maintenance steps of hydraulic press

Today, PTJ hardware will introduce the daily maintenance steps of the Hydraulic Press:

  • 1. Carry out lubrication and maintenance according to the lubrication requirements of the machine.
  • 2. After each year of operation of the machine tool, the hydraulic oil shall be discharged from the oil tank of the machine bed, the oil tank shall be cleaned, and the filtered hydraulic oil shall be refilled. The oil volume shall be determined at the 3 / 4 height of the oil standard.
  • 3. The oil filter screen on the oil suction pipe must be cleaned or washed regularly.
  • 4. Regularly check whether the handle, knob and key are damaged.
  • 5. The motor must be kept clean, and the mesh cover of the air inlet of the motor must always be kept in a good ventilation state without blocking.
  • 6. Lubricate and scrub the machine tool 10 minutes before work every day.
  • 7. It is strictly prohibited for non operators to operate the equipment. People must leave the machine and stop at ordinary times.

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