Vanguard acquires Primex

Aiming to be the leader in the construction materials industry, injection molder Vanguard Plastics Ltd. (Surrey, BC) has acquired another molder, Primex Mfg. (Langley, BC), which became a wholly owned subsidiary of Vanguard as of Aug. 1.

Vanguard’s construction products division now includes shelf support and window products under its own brand; under the Primex name, it will manufacture indoor and outdoor HVAC, building, and wire management products. It will also continue to design and manufacture Primex telecom enclosures, modular jacks, and wire management and accessories. Other Vanguard products include plastic-handled shopping baskets, medicine vials, nursery potting containers, and aerial ignition equipment and devices.

Primex’s founder, Juergen Koessler, will leave the day-to-day management of the company. Both companies were started about 30 years ago.

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