Vulnerable parts should be replaced regularly in car maintenance


From the analysis of the current situation of imported cars in China and the requirements of future economic development for imported cars, it can be concluded that the market capacity of imported car repair parts is very large, whether it is imported or domestically produced. Looking at the market from the perspective of maintenance rules, in order to further analyze the different needs of the imported auto maintenance parts market. Maintenance parts needed to maintain daily operation: such as various gaskets, oil seals, belts, electrical equipment parts, etc., and then expand the so-called consumable parts such as various friction parts. These parts are not necessarily replaced during major or medium repairs, but only during daily maintenance (including secondary maintenance) and during operation.

According to the needs of the development of the national economy, a plan for importing automobiles is proposed. After research with the demand department and the foreign trade department, the appropriate model is selected to organize the import. Necessary maintenance and repairs and replacement of repair parts are required in the use of the required departments. This in turn involves the production, supply, and import of auto parts. Combined with the specific conditions of our country, the efficient use of imported cars requires scientific research. The department conducts research and guidance. You can also list other relevant departments such as customs, transportation, commodity inspection, insurance and other departments. These departments form a complete chain to ensure that imported cars give full play to their due functions. Let’s tentatively call this complete link composed of relevant departments the import automobile functional guarantee chain. The central link of this functional chain is the user department. The other links of the functional guarantee chain, regardless of their role, are used to serve the central link of Tomen, and whether the functions of imported cars are fully and normally performed is also reflected by this central link. Life cycle of imported cars: Like the life cycle of commodities, imported cars usually go through a period of awareness, repair and restoration of imported cars, and aging, until they are finally scrapped.

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