What advantages for 5 axis CNC machining than 3-axis

The so-called five-axis machining here means that there are at least five coordinate axes (three linear coordinates and two rotary coordinates) on a machine tool, and they can be coordinated and processed at the same time under the control of a computer numerical control (CNC) system. Compared with the general three-axis cnc machining, such five-axis CNC machining has the following advantages:First, it can process continuous, smooth free-form surfaces that cannot be machined by ordinary three-axis machining or that can be difficult to machine once. Such as blades for aero-engines and turbines, propellers for ships, and lots of shells and molds with special curved surfaces and complex cavities and hole positions, such as ordinary three-axis CNCs, due to their tool-to-workpieces The pose angle cannot be changed during machining. When machining certain complex freeform surfaces, interference or under processing may occur (ie, cannot be processed). In the case of machining with a five-axis linkage machine tool, since the tool/workpiece posture angle can be adjusted at any time in the machining process, the interference of the tool workpiece can be avoided and all the machining can be completed at a time.Second, it can improve the machining precision, quality and efficiency of space free surfaces. For example, when machining complex surfaces on three-axis machine tools, ball-end milling cutters are often used. The ball-end milling cutters are formed by point contact and have low cutting efficiency. In addition, the tool/workpiece pose angle cannot be adjusted during processing. Generally, it is difficult to guarantee. The best cutting point on the ball end mill (ie, the highest point on the ball head) is cut, and there is a possibility that the cutting point will fall on the center line of the ball head where the line speed is equal to zero. With five-axis machining, the tool/workpiece posture angle can be adjusted at any time, which not only can avoid this situation, but also can make full use of the best cutting point of the tool to cut, or use wire contact forming. Spiral end mills instead of point contact formed ball end mills can even be milled by further optimising the tool/workpiece attitude angle, resulting in higher cutting speeds and wider cutting lines, ie higher cutting rates Efficiency and better surface quality.Third, the advantages of mold processing. In the traditional mold processing, the vertical machining center is generally used to complete the milling of the workpiece. With the continuous development of mold manufacturing technology, some weaknesses of the vertical machining center itself have become increasingly apparent. Modern mold processing generally uses ball-end milling cutters for machining. The advantages of ball-end milling cutters in mold processing are obvious. However, if a vertical machining center is used, the linear velocity of the bottom surface is zero, so that the bottom surface finish is poor. If you use four or five axis linkage machine tool processing technology to mold, you can overcome the above deficiencies. The use of five-axis linkage machine tool processing mold can quickly complete the mold processing, fast delivery, better guarantee the quality of the mold processing, make mold processing easier, and make mold modification easier.Strengthen the significance of five-axis linkage technology for the mold industryChina must catch up or surpass the developed countries in the manufacturing industry. On the basis of vigorously developing its own CNC and mold industries, it must actively promote the use of high-end CNC equipment, including the import of advanced CNC machining centers. Because high-end cnc machine tools and molds are at the forefront of the manufacturing industry chain. The quality of mold products, to a large extent, is also subject to numerical control processing equipment. Five-axis linkage is a representative of high-end numerical control. For a long time, the Western industrialized countries led by the United States have always taken the five-axis linkage CNC machine tool system as an important strategic material and implemented an export licensing system. Developing countries not only have difficulty in production R&D, but also have great resistance in the introduction.

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