What are the advantages of CO2 laser cutting machine

As the most popular laser cutting machine product on the market, the co2 laser cutting machine not only has the stability of mechanical performance, but also has unparalleled advantages. The most critical cutting speed and cutting quality have absolute advantages. Let’s take a look at the co2 laser today. What are the main advantages of the cutting machine?

One is advanced cutting technology.

With many years of experience in R&D and design, Sibowei Laser has done sufficient analysis and improvement in the machine tool design and software development stage, and has a deep understanding of the processing characteristics of the material. The performance of the software is continuously optimized to make our The machine tool can fully meet the high standards and high specifications of customers. The cutting smoothness, half-cut effect, cutting edge welding, dimensional accuracy and other aspects can meet many high-demand cutting requirements.

High stability and good cutting performance.

The co2 laser cutting machine adopts the most stable laser type in the world, and adopts the most advanced original metal laser in the United States. 1524mm/s ultra-high-speed, ultra-accelerated and trouble-free operation, which means that except for human factors, almost no system itself Failure. In the production process, when used in conjunction with the co2 laser, it can greatly shorten the production time, reduce the scrap rate, reduce the cost, increase the production capacity, and fully meet the production requirements of major factories. And the cutting performance is very stable, making the co2 laser cutting machine Even under long-term working pressure, it can be used with co2 platform and Japanese precision screw without any vibration or other adverse effects.

The third is to facilitate mechanical operation.

The laser cutting machine is world-famous for its fully computerized operation, humanized design, and the best cost performance. Since laser processing does not produce mechanical pressure, the products cut out are very effective, with good accuracy and cutting speed. It also has the characteristics of safe operation and simple maintenance. It can work continuously for 24 hours. Nowadays, laser and computer technology are combined , The user only needs to design on the computer to realize the laser cutting output, and can change the engraving at any time, and design the product while designing. The sophisticated configuration, superior performance, and convenient operation make the co2 laser cutting machine special for many universities The laser cutting machine is the designated equipment for the National University Student Work Training Competition.

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