What are the categories of cnc processing clips used in cnc processing?

(1) Universal cnc processing fixture
The universal cnc machining fixture refers to a fixture that has been standardized and can be used to machine different workpieces within a certain range. For example, three-jaw chucks and four-jaw chucks on the lathe, top and heart chucks; flat jaws on the milling machine, indexing heads and rotary tables. They are highly versatile and can be used to hold different workpieces without adjustment or minor adjustments. Such fixtures have generally been standardized. It is produced by a professional factory and supplied to the user as a machine tool attachment.
(2) Dedicated cnc processing fixture
The special cnc processing jig refers to a jig specially designed for the processing of a certain process of a certain workpiece, and has the advantages of compact structure, quick operation and convenience. Special fixtures are usually designed and manufactured by the manufacturer according to the requirements, and are suitable for production with fixed products and large batch sizes.
(3) Combination cnc processing fixture
The combined cnc machining fixture is based on the standardization of the machine tool fixture components. It consists of a set of pre-fabricated standard components and fittings with various shapes and sizes. According to the principle of combination, the assembly requirements for the workpiece are assembled. Into a variety of special fixtures. Once the fixture is used, it can be removed and used when assembling a new fixture.
The application range of the combined cnc machining fixture is very wide. It is most suitable for many varieties, rapid product changes, new product trial production and single-piece small batch production. In the mass production, combined fixtures can also be used to replace the temporary shortage of special fixtures to meet production requirements. It can be assembled into various machine tool fixtures with combined fixture components. The emergence of cnc machine tools and flexible manufacturing units has further promoted the advancement of combined fixture technology and expanded the application range of combined fixtures.
The combined cnc machining fixture has the following features: The combined cnc machining fixture component can be used for multiple times, but once assembled into a fixture, the fixture structure is still special and can only be used once. When transforming the object, it is still necessary to disassemble it and reassemble it into a new fixture structure to meet the processing requirements of the new workpiece. Unlike the special cnc machining fixture, the final precision of the combined cnc machining fixture is guaranteed by the direct combination of the precision of each component, and no supplementary machining is allowed. Otherwise, the interchangeability of the components cannot be guaranteed. Since the combined jig is assembled by various standard components, the rigidity is poor, especially the joint contact stiffness of the component joints, which has a great influence on the machining accuracy. Generally, the combined jig has a large outer shape and is not as compact as a dedicated jig. This type of fixture is not limited by the type of production and can be assembled at any time to meet the needs of production.
(4) assembling cnc processing fixture
Assembling the cnc machining fixture refers to the processing requirement of a certain process of a certain workpiece, and the special cnc processing assembled from the standardized and serialized fixture components directly according to the assembly method of the special cnc machining fixture (pin positioning, bolt fastening). Fixture. The assembly fixture greatly shortens the design and manufacturing cycle of the special fixture, and most of the components of the original fixture can be removed and reused when the product is modified, which is suitable for multi-variety and small batch production.
(5) Universal adjustable cnc processing fixture
The universally adjustable cnc machining jig refers to a special jig formed by adjusting or replacing individual positioning elements or clamping elements according to different sizes or types of workpieces. The processing object is not very certain, and the general range is large, which is suitable for multi-variety and small batch production.
(6) Group cnc processing fixture
Group cnc machining fixtures are adjustable fixtures designed to process a certain set of parts in a group process. The processing object is clear, and only need to adjust or replace the individual positioning components or clamping components can be used. The adjustment range is limited to the workpieces of this part group, and is suitable for group processing.
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