What are the factors that affect the price of cnc router Upload to:08-28 2021

Everyone knows that there are many types of cnc router. According to their functions and uses, they are divided into advertising cnc router, woodworking cnc router, stone cnc router and metal cnc router. Each category is divided into multiple categories according to accessories and its parameters. , The engraving machine is generally rotated by the rack and pinion used by the xy axis, and in order to ensure its idling speed, the z axis is usually rotated by a screw to ensure its high precision. But there are many factors influencing the price of engraving machine. Below we will elaborate on the price of the engraving machine and its price-influencing factors.

   One, control system. The control system of the engraving machine is divided into computer control and DSP handle. Each of these two types has its own advantages, but the handle control is higher than the computer control in terms of price.

   Two, drive system. Its driving system is divided into stepping system and servo system. The accuracy of the servo system is higher than that of the stepping system, and it will not lose step and vector position when embossing.

   Third, the type of spindle motor. In addition to some brands of spindle motors. The size of its power is also a factor that affects the price, and we also need to look at which aspect it is used when purchasing. If it is mainly for embossing, then you can choose a small-power spindle motor. If it is used for cutting, a high-power spindle motor is used.

  Four, frequency converter. The frequency converter is mainly used as the motor drive of the main shaft to control the start, stop and speed adjustment of the main shaft. Therefore, a good frequency converter has a very important effect on the quality of the machine.

   There are many factors that affect the price of cnc router. In addition to these factors, there are other external factors, such as a manufacturer’s service and after-sales service, because we are assured of reliability when purchasing cnc router. We do not consider woodworking cutting and processing, we can choose a market price of cnc router according to different configurations between 1-5w.

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