What Are The Magic Of Carbon Fiber Barrel?

The carbon fiber barrel is specially designed for Luger precision rifles, aiming to improve the design accuracy while reducing the weight of the rifle.The main body of the carbon fiber barrel is made of stainless steel, the outer contour of the barrel is thin, and the surface is covered with carbon fiber material by a special process, so as to reduce the weight. The well-processed carbon fiber barrel is 20-25% lighter than the ordinary material barrel, and the accuracy is equivalent.The carbon fiber barrel is pre-processed and can be mounted on a Luger precision rifle with the help of simple tools. The main body is made of 416R stainless steel material, and the carbon fiber part is made by Helix 6 patented process, and the surface has a fine carbon fiber pattern.The installation of this pre-processed barrel is very simple, just use the barrel wrench and the correct headspace gauge for all your barrel calibers. Although for experienced users, this work can be easily done at home.

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