What are the testing standards before CNC machining ?

Before we process any product, we must know what the testing standard of this processing is, because it can help us know whether the processing of this product is qualified or not. It is known that computer processing is the same, then computer 锣What standards should be used to test the pre-processing standards?    1. Divide the number and copy the number. After each minute is completed, first copy the number of work coordinates. After clearing, check the interval between the center and the two sides to ensure that the points are correct.    2. Select the Tools, load the knife, set the Tools, and copy the number of Z-Axis coordinates. Select the appropriate tool according to the programming list. Before installing the knife, clean the blade and the nozzle thoroughly. After installing the knife, use the calibration meter to see if the knife has no yaw. After checking the number of knives, you should look at it from the beginning to prevent the wrong knives, and the wrong number will bring significant losses to the company.
   3. Transfer program, start processing: use single block performance before the lower knife, adjust the transmission speed and feed speed to the slowest speed, slow down the knife, watch the machine tool show Z-axis margin, check whether there is abnormality, if abnormal Press the Pause button immediately to find the cause of the abnormal processing, and acknowledge that everything is normal and then adjust to the appropriate speed to start processing.    4. During the processing, it is necessary to pay attention to the investigation whether the processing is abnormal or not. The knife has no wear and the tool wear is severe, and the grinding is suspended to ensure normal processing.
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