What can a metal stamping parts processing plant do? Make products!

What can a metal Stamping parts processing plant do? Make products!

Hardware includes a wide range of content, such as special objects (needle-nose pliers, wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, etc.), standard parts (anchor bolts, nuts, seals, etc.), hardware locks (anti-theft locks, handle locks, etc.) Drawer locks, etc.), window and door hardware (door handles, hinges, inserts), plumbing installation hardware (water taps, showers, deodorant floor drains, etc.). There are also steel nails, thin iron wires, and iron nets. Hardware products are miscellaneous, and a manufacturer generally only produces one or a few types of them. Assuming that only hardware manufacturers are involved, it is impossible to determine what it is producing.

The processing of small and medium-sized metal stamping parts is not easy to do now. Because there are many miscellaneous fish in the hardware processing and sales market now, customers will not necessarily find you, and the market competition is very fierce.

Hardware processing can be divided into dividends: CNC grinding machine processing, CNC machining, Intermediate processing, five-axis CNC lathe processing, and approximately can be divided into two categories: hardware upper processing and metal forming processing.

‍1. The ingenious differentiation of metal stamping parts processing can be divided into dividends

Metal spraying processing, electroplating process, upper grinding and polishing processing, metal etching processing.

  • 1. Spraying processing: At this stage, the hardware factory has selected spraying processing in the production of large-scale hardware products. According to the spraying processing, the hardware can be prevented from rusting, such as: daily appliances, household appliances casings, artwork, etc.
  • 2. Electroplating process: The electroplating process is also a more extensive processing technology for hardware processing. According to the contemporary production technology, the upper electroplating process of the hardware to ensure that the product will not be moldy and rusted under permanent use. The electroplating process is widely used: Wire, metal stamping parts, solar panels, car parts, decorations, etc.
  • 3. Upper grinding and polishing processing: Upper grinding and polishing processing is generally more commonly used in Japanese appliances. According to the upper burr handling of hardware products, the sharp edge is polished into a smooth face, so the whole process of use and the real life are not easy. Causes obstacles to the body.

2. The processing links of metal stamping parts

Aluminum die-casting (aluminum die-casting is divided into cold extrusion and pressing), stamping dies, sand casting process, molten die forging and other processing techniques.

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