What cause mould damage

1) The first location to be damaged is guide pin and guide sleeve,because the two slip flip parts long-term frequest mutual sliding joint movement,sometimes appear interference,lubricating oil shortage,etc,thus making spare parts wear and tear.
2) Mould parting surface,cavity product forming surface,due to long-term open close action,squash,impact and other reasons,make edge angle blunting;Frequent high pressure injection molten material and demoulding, remove workpieces,and cause the work type surface appear wear or corrosion hemp pit.
3) Metal inserts by high pressure molten material impact in the cavity,appear skewed or deformation,joint caused when the cavity surface appear indentation or scallops.
4) Mould positioning check the mouth and opening closing action sliding block by extrusion and deformation or wear,etc.
5) Mould structure have sharp edges,or two right angles to the handover of plane position due to the influence of the stress,the worl after a time here appear crack.

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