What is 35Mn2 steel? What are the applications of 35Mn2 steel?

35Mn2, alloy structural steel.

Standard: GB/T 3077-1999

【Main Features】

The plasticity is moderate during cold deformation, and the machinability is fair, but the weldability is poor. Compared with 30Mn2 steel, it has higher carbon content, higher strength, wear resistance and hardenability. The critical hardenable diameter in oil reaches 7.5-20mm, but the plasticity is slightly reduced, and there is white spot sensitivity. And the tendency of overheating and tempering brittleness, and the tendency to form cracks during water quenching.

【Application examples】

Generally used in quenched and tempered or normalized state, in the manufacture of heavy and medium-sized machinery, it can be used as connecting rods, spindles, half shafts, crankshafts, cold heading bolts and other mechanical parts with high stress requirements; in agricultural machinery, It can be used as wear-resistant parts such as shovel and shovel handle; it can be used instead of 40Cr steel when manufacturing small cross-section (diameter <20mm) parts.   [Chemical composition] (mass fraction) (%)

Carbon C: 0.32~0.39

Silicon Si: 0.17~0.37

Manganese Mn: 1.40~1.80

Phosphorus P: “0.025

Sulfur S: “0.025

Chromium Cr: “0.30

Nickel Ni: “0.30

Copper Cu “0.25   [Mechanical properties]

Sample blank size (mm): 25

Heat treatment:

The first quenching heating temperature (℃): 840; coolant: water

The second quenching heating temperature (℃):-

Tempering heating temperature (℃): 500; Coolant: water

Tensile strength (σb/MPa): ≥�835

yield point (σs/MPa): ≥685

Elongation after breaking (δ5/%): ≥12

Reduction of area (ψ/%): ≥45

Impact absorption work (Aku2/J): ≥55

Brinell hardness (HBS100/3000) (annealed or high temperature tempered state): ≤207

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