What is SKH9 steel? What are the applications of SKH9 steel?


Carbon: 0.8-0.9  Forging: 1.100~900℃

Annealing: Heat to 800-850°C, stay at this temperature for two to four hours, and let it cool down in the furnace.

Quenching: first preheat to 550-600°C, then heat to 950°C, then heat to a: 1,220 to 1250°C; b: 1,200°C to 1230°C. Harden in oil, but the oil temperature must be moisturized at 40-60°C (a. General tools; b. Tools with complex forms that require toughness)

Tempering: heating to 550-570℃, staying at this temperature, then cooling in still air, tempering must be repeated twice

Hardness: HRC63°C or higher.

Usage: This is tungsten steel high-speed steel, which is suitable for manufacturing various tools for strong cutting with abrasion resistance and impact resistance, advanced punching dies, screw dies, tools that require toughness and complicated shapes, milling cutters, drill bits, etc.   3.2X32-40-50-65-80-105-130-155-205-255-305-380









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