What is the development of Non-standard parts processing in the CNC machining industry ?

In the processing cnc machining industry, the processing of Non-standard parts plays a very important role. Because of its great role, its development in the industry is also one of the hot topics. Let us discuss how its development prospects for CNC machining parts.
  1. Before CNC machining the workpiece, inspect the machine tool in advance. How to quickly and accurately verify the processing equipment to obtain the accuracy status of the machine tool is very beneficial to greatly reduce or even eliminate rework. Of course, this includes the testing equipment Research and development.
  2.On-line measurement of workpieces or 100% inspection of workpieces during production.This requires research on test equipment suitable for dynamic or quasi-dynamic, and even special test equipment that can be integrated into processing equipment to achieve real-time testing. The test results continuously modify the process parameters and make supplementary adjustments or feedback control to the processing equipment.
  3. Research how to make full use of measurement information to achieve zero waste production. Through the full use of 100% online measurement data, analyze the dynamic characteristics of error distribution during processing and measurement,at the same time, based on the dynamic characteristics of processing errors and the accuracy loss of sensor accuracy characteristic.
 The above is the industry development of non-standard parts processing. In fact, it is a good processing method. Its development is definitely getting better and better, and it has played an irreplaceable effect in the industry.
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