What is the development trend of sheet metal processing and bending?

What is the development trend of sheet metal processing and bending? Sheet metal processing and bending must first be based on the specifications on the engineering drawings, and the thickness of the raw materials must be clear. The CNC blades and knife slots required for sheet metal bending are important to prevent the product from colliding with the CNC blades and causing deformation. The upper mold is important. The choice is clear based on the thickness of the board. The second is to clarify the order of sheet metal processing and bending. The general regularity of sheet metal bending is first inside and then outside, first small and then big.

When the sheet metal processing and bending are produced in large quantities, it is considered that the work clothes should be accurately positioned to ensure the welding position. In order to consolidate the welding by electric welding, make bumps on the steel parts to be welded by electric welding, so that the bumps can be evenly touched with the tablet computer before the power is connected to the electric welding welding, so as to ensure that the heating of each point is consistent, and the other can also be clearly welded. Location. After welding, welding slag will appear on the surface of the steel part, which must be opened and processed with a flat ball mill.

After the sheet metal processing, bending, riveting and other technological processes are carried out, the metal surface treatment should be turned on. The surface treatment method of the different plates is different. After the cold-rolled steel plate is produced and processed, the surface electroplating process is generally opened. Open the spray paint treatment, the choice is to open the pickling and phosphating, after the pickling and phosphating, open the spray paint. The surface of the electroplating process board is cleaned up, de-oiled, and then opened for painting. The stainless steel sheet can be opened before the sheet metal is bent to open the metal wire drawing process, without painting, if spray painting is required.

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