What is the difference between 3D printing and CNC machining?

3D printing is a new technology that has been ignited in recent years, and CNC cnc machine tools have been applied for many years. So what is the difference between 3D printing and cnc machining? Which is better?
    First of all, let's take a look at those features of 3D printing production hand model proofing and CNC machining CNC:
    First, the advantages of CNC are high efficiency, precision, and economy. The advantage of 3D printing is the high degree of freedom, which can make geometric shapes that are difficult or impossible to achieve in traditional processes (including CNC).
    Second, 3D printing technology, such as selective laser melting (SLM), requires a support structure during implementation. If it is not, it cannot be manufactured, and this is also a major bottleneck in its further development in the manufacturing industry.

    What is the difference between 3D printing and CNC machining?
    Third, the traditional CNC machining industry has developed for a long time. At present, there is a mature standard, whether it is a spindle, a tool interface or a control system, but the standard in the field of 3D printing is currently lacking. Establishment often takes a short period of time.
    The above three points should be generally clear. To sum it up is:
    1.3D printing has a higher degree of freedom, and can print a variety of odd and odd hand-like models or product models, and the degree of freedom of CNC machining has certain limitations, a simple sentence, 3D printing processing hand model samples The range is larger than CNC machining, CNC is limited by tool interface, etc., and its range is smaller than 3D printing.
    2. What is not mentioned is that, in fact, 3D printing is not comparable to CNC machining on printed monoliths, especially for very large parts. It is generally difficult to achieve with 3D printing, and CNC machining There is no such problem.
    3. CNC machining hand model samples are more advantageous than 3D printing in terms of price.
    4. The result of the difference between the two is that 3D printing allows you to smoothly process your works or products, and the CNC is more advantageous in terms of economy and large-scale hand model making. Everyone can compare and contrast.
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