What Is The Difference Between Bamboo Charcoal Fiber And Carbon Fiber

Bamboo charcoal fiber is made by using bamboo as the raw material, making the micropores of bamboo finer under the condition of pure oxygen and high temperature, and then spinning it. It is environmentally friendly and healthy, so-called “black diamond”, while carbon fiber is made of polyacrylonitrile, Pitch fiber, viscose-based fiber, and other chemical fibers with high carbon content as raw materials, carbonized at high temperature, superior performance, has applications in many industries. As fibers with high carbon content, what are the differences between them?Let’s talk about bamboo charcoal fiber first. Bamboo charcoal fiber has good softness, moisture absorption, antibacterial and environmental protection. After weaving it into cloth, it feels soft and delicate to the touch, flexible, and has excellent toughness and strength, much better than cotton and silk. Nowadays, bamboo charcoal fiber fabrics are very popular. They are refreshing and breathable when used in summer, and they can be used in spring and autumn to get rid of excess heat from the body, making them comfortable and healthy. Its antibacterial rate reaches 94.5%, can inhibit mites and deodorize.Then let’s look at carbon fiber again. Although carbon fiber is a chemical fiber, it does not harm the human body at all. The performance of carbon fiber is comparable to metal, with high strength, lightweight, strong toughness, large tensile modulus, and chemical resistance. The most common carbon fiber products are carbon fiberboard, carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber rod, carbon fiber special-shaped parts, they are widely used in building reinforcement, industrial manufacturing, medical machinery military security, etc., and can even be used to make some small products, such as business cards, wallets.It can be seen from the above that bamboo charcoal fiber is very different from carbon fiber, and their production process, performance, and use are very different. Although bamboo charcoal fiber is very good, its usage range is too narrow and not as wide as carbon fiber.

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