What is the difference between stamping parts processing and sheet metal processing

Sheet metal parts are part of the processing of stamping parts;

Sheet metal parts mainly refer to stamping parts with larger areas and more complex shapes, such as automobile shells;

Stamping parts expand all stamping and forming parts, our commonly used flat gaskets, etc.!

Develop procedures for the stamping process

Formulation of the original materials for the stamping process

  • 1. Product drawings and technical requirements of stamping parts Product drawings are the main basis for formulating stamping process regulations. The product drawings should be well presented, with reasonable size markings, and conform to the national drawing standards. The technical conditions should be clear and reasonable. From the product drawing, it is possible to have a comprehensive understanding of the structure shape, size, precision requirements, assembly relationship, and operational performance of the stamping parts. In order to make a process plan, select the mold type and confirm the accuracy of the mold. When the product only has a prototype without a drawing, the drawing shall be drawn after the prototype is surveyed and drawn as the basis for analysis and design. To
  • 2. The size specifications, performance and supply status of the original data of the product. The size specifications of the original data refer to the blank method and the blanking method. The mechanical properties, process performance and supply of the stamping materials are positive for the deformation level of the stamping parts, the number of processes, and the pressing force. Calculations have an important impact.
  • 3. Product consumption batch size and finalization level Product consumption batch size and finalization level are important content that must be considered in the formulation of stamping process regulations. It directly affects the selection of processing methods and mold types. To
  • 4. Conditions of stamping equipment The status of existing stamping equipment in the factory is not only the basis for selecting equipment during mold design, but also has a direct impact on the formulation of process plans. The type, specification, and advancedness of stamping equipment are the main basis for affirming the level of process combination, selecting the type of press for each process, and affirming the type of mold. To
  • 5. Mold manufacturing conditions and technical level The existing mold manufacturing conditions and technical level of the factory have a direct impact on mold technology and mold design. It determines the mold making ability of the factory, thereby affecting the level of process combination, mold structure and processing accuracy. To
  • 6. Other technical materials mainly include various manuals related to stamping (stamping manual, die design manual, mechanical design manual, data manual), technical specifications (national specifications, ministerial specifications and corporate specifications) and other related technical references Material. The application of these materials when formulating stamping process regulations will help designers analyze calculations and confirm data and accuracy, simplify the design process, shorten the design cycle, and improve consumption efficiency.

Analysis of stamping parts

It includes two aspects: economic analysis of stamping parts; process analysis of stamping parts. To

  • (1) The economic analysis of stamping parts is based on product drawings or prototypes, understanding the application requirements and functions of stamping parts, and analyzing the application status of the data according to the structural shape characteristics, dimensions, precision requirements, consumption batches and original data performance of the stamping parts Can simplify the design and manufacture of molds; can the output and stamping processing characteristics be compatible; whether the stamping processing can be economical. To
  • (2) Process analysis of stamping parts based on product drawings or prototypes, stop analyzing the shape, size, accuracy requirements, and data performance of stamping parts to determine whether they can meet the requirements of the stamping process; determine the difficulty level of the stamping part processing; It is certain whether special process measures need to be taken.

Where is the outlet for stamping parts processing plants?

Stamping parts have a wide range of applications, low consumer technology thresholds, resulting in industry price disorder, and serious vicious competition. How to develop and generate in the current economic state has become a headache for broad business owners!

Nowadays, stamping parts factories have hundreds of employees and a few. Large companies have well-managed, high consumption costs, advanced equipment, low cost of consumer products for small businesses, no management costs, and quality and delivery times are not punctual!

Today, when labor costs are rising from time to time and prices are becoming more sophisticated, how can they be generated in the underlying industry?
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